[plt-scheme] New syntax colorer and parenthesis highlighter have arrived

From: Mark Sapa (moerk at gmx.de)
Date: Thu Nov 6 05:52:55 EST 2003

Great stuff, alas:
The exp-tagged version of drscheme takes _forever_ to start up on my 
iBook 700Mhz running OS X 10.3,
using up ~ 80% of the CPU during startup. The previous version 
definitely _did not_ do this - and took
about half as long to start up.

Additionally, an error is signaled during the initialization of the new 
syntax coloring code:

> compile: variable not provided (directly or indirectly and at the 
> expected position) from module: 
> |,/usr/local/plt/collects/mzlib/private/class-sneaky| in: 
> compose-class

(seems to happen while loading tool.ss)

Yet another problem:
The syntax colors in the preference dialogue have been switched on all 
right, but they are
all set to black - just a bit inconvenient ;-)

Sorry to be so negative, but...

All this aside, a great idea, and, once it works, surely a great 
enhancement to an already
fantastic system.

Cheers and greetings from deepest Bavaria,

				Mark Sapa

Am 05.11.2003 um 06:14 schrieb Scott Owens:

>  For list-related administrative tasks:
>  http://list.cs.brown.edu/mailman/listinfo/plt-scheme
> For those of you following DrScheme in cvs, I have just exp tagged my 
> modifications to DrScheme for on-the-fly syntax coloring and 
> parenthesis highlighting.
> The on-the-fly syntax coloring is lexically based, which means that 
> identifiers, comments, strings, parentheses, etc. can all be colored 
> differently.  Furthermore, the coloring is always accurate and it 
> operates in the background so major lexical changes (such as opening a 
> string) will eventually display correctly without interfering with the 
> interactive session.
> Unlike the "Check Syntax" coloring tool, the lexical colorer cannot 
> determine whether an identifier is a datum, variable or macro call.  
> In an effort to approximate some of this support, identifiers are 
> colored as keywords if they appear in the indenting lists 
> (Preferences->Editing->Indenting).  Also unlike "Check Syntax", the 
> lexical colorer can correctly identify comments.
> This is only the first half of the integration.  The following 
> improvements still need to be made:
> 1) Parenthesis sensitive operations such as indenting and sexp 
> transposing still use the old paren matcher.
> 2) While the persistent paren highlighting uses my new system, the 
> matching paren flashes still use the old paren matcher.
> 3) Various things that use color in DrScheme (Check Syntax, test 
> coverage) interfere with the coloring my tool does.
> If you don't like the coloring, you can turn it off from the 
> preferences dialog under: Editing->Colors->Scheme Color and still have 
> the improved paren matching.  The colors used by the colorer can also 
> be changed from there.
> I welcome any feedback.
> -Scott Owens

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