[plt-scheme] odd window bug

From: briand at aracnet.com (briand at aracnet.com)
Date: Sat Jul 26 02:29:56 EDT 2003

I was running drscheme under windows when I had to "forcefully" end
the program.

The next time I tried to run it, I received an internal error :

filter : list expected: eof

I uninstalled and re-installed TWICE, and still was seeing the same
error using drscheme.  mzscheme & mred worked fine.

drscheme would get through the "loading" phase and then bail out with
the internal error.

After some experimentation I found that i could run drscheme as admin.
However the user account I was using still could not.

After thinking that it might be trying to load a truncated file of
some sort I started looking for files and found :

.plt-toc-index  ????
,plt-toc-index-backup  ???

something or other.  Unfortunately I deleted them without writing down
the filenames.  I deleted them (from the user home directory drive)
and the problems stopped.  I checked them first and one was empty and
one (the backup) had the empty list in int.

So this brings up the following issues:

* The uninstall really ought to kill those files off (and yes I did
  select the remove user config files option).

* is there any way to trace the "load" process of drscheme, so that I
  could have figured this out ?

Naturally under linux this would have been a trivially problem to
diagnose using strace.  I am using cygwin, but the strace program
doesn't seem to do anyting.


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