[plt-scheme] MysterX and ImageMagick COM object

From: Joe Marshall (jrm at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Wed Jul 23 11:26:44 EDT 2003

I'd be happy to help.

As Paul mentioned, it will be an awful lot easier if I could get
a copy of the COM server so that I can run it under the debugger.

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> > > Does wrapping the arguments in Scheme vectors help?
> > 
> > Alas, no.
> One more thing to try: does boxing the vectors help?
> If that doesn't work, MysterX will need to be patched.  
> Unfortunately, that may take some time, because I'm no longer 
> at Northeastern, without direct access to a Windows compiler
> (and preoccupied with some other things right now).  Joe Marshall 
> might be able to help.
> Is it possible to get a copy of the ImageMagick COM server?
> -- Paul

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