[plt-scheme] What's the latest on the Scsh port?

From: Lewis Brown (lewisb at denveronline.net)
Date: Mon Jul 14 11:17:46 EDT 2003

I guess I wasn't clear enough in my question:

While a scheme shell a la scsh would be cool and solve my problem, my
immediate interest and need is perhaps less involved: a library that
allows for signal handling, ioctl and termios calls, etc.  

I don't want to duplicate code and effort, so wondered if scsh could be
the answer, since I couldn't locate any other libraries.

Perhaps those of you more familiar with the plt code base would know of
such a library, extant or in development.

If not, which is the way to go: wait for the scsh port or start a new
project?  And, if a new project, how best to proceed with future
portability in mind? ( Seems like this new FFI that's been mentioned
would be key.  What is it's status?)

Thanks all.


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