[plt-scheme] microcontrollor simulator (PIC16F84)

From: Vincent Hourdin (vinvinhc16 at ifrance.com)
Date: Sat Jul 12 23:07:18 EDT 2003

For those who like low level programming, I've made a developpement and 
learning interface with DrScheme, for the PIC16F84 MCU built by Microchip 
(you can find this in smartcards...). You can see registers change while your 
own assembler code is running, simulate I/O ports with check-boxe, and more.
Documentation is currently only in french, but the datasheet from the 
manufacturer is given in the file and in english.

You can slowly download the file there : http://vinvin.dyndns.org/projects/ 

Thanks to this mailing list for all the help which it brings.

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