[plt-scheme] A silly installation question

From: Richard C. Cobbe (cobbe at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Thu Jul 10 11:33:38 EDT 2003

Lo, on Thursday, July 10, Jerzy Karczmarczuk did write:

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> Lauri Alanko wrote:
> > On Thu, Jul 10, 2003 at 03:16:20PM +0200, Jerzy Karczmarczuk wrote:
> > 
> >>The DrScheme 2.04, Linux version, officially comes only as a RPM.
> >>What do you recommend if I wanted to install it under Debian?
> > 
> > "apt-get install drscheme" perhaps?
> Are you sure that there is the 2.04 package on Debian somewhere?
> apt-get was the first thing I tried.

Sounds like Jerzy has figured this out, but for others who are
interested: Debian/testing has DrScheme 203; Debian/unstable has
DrScheme 204.  It's not in stable as yet; we'll have to wait for the
next release for that.

Building it from source is not at all difficult, though; just make sure
you have the necessary packages installed.  You'll need libxaw7-dev,
libreadline4, libreadline4-dev, and the openSSL libraries and
headers---I don't remember exactly which packages those are in, and I'm
not at my Debian box right now, so I can't check.

Strictly speaking, readline and openSSL are necessary only for a couple
of extensions.  If you don't have them installed, you will get some
errors when you build DrScheme, but it will build, and everything but
those two features should work.


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