[plt-scheme] Other MIT Lectures of Possible Interest

From: Jeff Stephens (jsteve17 at tampabay.rr.com)
Date: Sat Jul 5 18:40:39 EDT 2003

Since my background is in electronics I was also interested in the following
lectures.  Thought someone else might be interested so I'm posting the info:

      Nodal Analysis  80 kbps  220 kbps
      A Review of Complex Numbers  80 kbps  220 kbps
      Graphical Transistor Amplifier Analysis  80 kbps  220 kbps
      Small Signal Analysis  80 kbps  220 kbps
      Sinusoidal Steady State Analysis 80 kbps  220 kbps
      Resonance 80 kbps  220 kbps
      Operational Amplifiers 80 kbps  220 kbps
      Bode Plots  80 kbps  220 kbps
      Linear Circuit Dynamics  80 kbps  220 kbps

This is from the 6.002 Circuits and Electronics course.  Unlike the other
site, these
do not appear to be available for download and must be viewed online.

Link:  http://web.mit.edu/6.002/www/current/#videos

Jeff Stephens

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