[plt-scheme] IPC in PLT Scheme

From: Pedro Pinto (ppinto at cs.cmu.edu)
Date: Wed Jan 29 20:48:49 EST 2003

Hi there,

I am working on a project which requires some communication between
two processes both of which I was hoping could be coded in Scheme. This
communication follows a producer/consumer pattern.

I thought about piping the stdout of the producer to stdin of the
consumer both this has a problem: I would like for the producer not to
block while the consumer handles input. In fact ideally I would like
for the producer to be able to operate even when a consumer is not
running (presumably by queing output which would be retrieved later by
the consumer). Do you guys have any suggestions on how to achieve

Some details: 

  - Performance is not a critical factor

  - Producer produces discrete messages not a continuous stream of

  - Messages can be quite large (up to 50mb) but will on average be
    close to 2kb

  - Message order does not need to be preserved

  - For now I only antecipate one producer and one consumer 

  - Portability would be nice but is not a primary goal (Windows XP is
    the target platform)

Thanks in advance,

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