[plt-scheme] Highlight color

From: Nicolas Chevallier (nicolas-chevallier at wanadoo.fr)
Date: Thu Jan 23 03:57:48 EST 2003

Simple method :

Just edit the file scheme.ss in this directory
(PLT install directory)/collects/framework/private/scheme.ss
Look for "match-color"

(define match-color 
     (let ([gray-level
            ;; old gray-level 192
            (if (eq? (system-type) 'windows)
                 (* 3/4 256)
                  (- (* 7/8 256) 1))])
       (make-object color% gray-level gray-level gray-level)))

replace (make-object color% gray-level gray-level gray-level)...

PS: If you have windows, you can use RVB, a freeware that tells you
three RGB values for a chosen color (some texts in french)

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