[plt-scheme] sirmail and webserver in v203?

From: Rohan Nicholls (rohan.nicholls at informaat.nl)
Date: Tue Jan 21 04:37:40 EST 2003

I'm back,  and after getting very good advice about improvements in
v.203 I have downloaded the source and compiled and installed it.

Everything is working well, except that in <new-plt>/bin there seems to
be fewer executables than there were before....

202 (installed from binary package from plt site)
background-help-desk  help-desk  mzscheme   slideshow  web-server
drscheme              mred       setup-plt  swindle    web-server-monitor
games                 mzc        sirmail    tex2page   web-server-text

202.3 (installed using deb package)
background-help-desk  mzc                   tex2page
drscheme              mzscheme              web-server
games                 setup-plt             web-server-monitor
help-desk             sirmail               web-server-text
mred                  swindle               

203 (compiled and installed from source)
background-help-desk  drscheme  help-desk  mzc  mzscheme  setup-plt  tex2page

What am I doing wrong?  The web-server folder is in collects, but I am
wondering if I am missing something to create the executable, and with
Sirmail I was told that it had some improved functionality I had been
looking for, but do I need to install the .plt package from the site
again, or do something different?

Thanks for any help, as I would like to upgrade, but am reluctant to
lose the web server as I am starting to experiment with it.

Thanks in advance,


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