[plt-scheme] Writing structures

From: Pedro Pinto (ppinto at cs.cmu.edu)
Date: Mon Jan 20 16:06:16 EST 2003

Thanks Richard,

 Your suggestion worked well. However I noticed I do not need any special
inspectors if I use print instead of write. In fact:

     (define-struct my-struct (field1

      (print (make-my-struct 1 2 3))


     (define-struct my-struct (field1

     (write (struct->vector (make-my-struct 1 2 3))

write out s-exp's that when read define two equal vectors.
I know very little about inspectors so I cannot tell which approach is
better. Do you have recommendations on one way over the other?

Thanks for the help,


PS: I used the match library to parse as you suggested and was blown away by
it. Coming from a Pascal/C++/C#/C background I am amazed one can implement
what seems to be a radically different syntax without messing with the
language definition.

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