[plt-scheme] writing structures

From: Taylor Campbell (campbell at evdev.ath.cx)
Date: Mon Jan 20 12:37:18 EST 2003

Pedro Pinto wrote:

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>Hi there,
>I am trying to serialize a structure I created using:
>(define-struct my-struct (field1 field2 field3))
>(define s (make-my-struct 1 2 3))
>Ideally I would like to simply use:
>(write s port)
>(define s (read port))
>Is something like this possible? 
>Thanks in advance,
Look in the MzScheme manual, in the 'Built-in Parameters' section in the
'Threads' chapter.  There are a few parameters for customising how things
are printed.

Or, if you used Swindle, you could do:

(defclass <my-class> (<object>)
  (field1 :initarg :field1)
  (field2 :initarg :field2)
  (field3 :initarg :field3))

(defmethod print-object ((obj <my-class>) write? outport)
  [insert how you print stuff here])

(define my-obj (make <my-class> :field1 'a :field2 'b :field3 'c))

(print-object my-obj #t (current-output-port))

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