[plt-scheme] newbie-(load someFile) and profiling don't work under linux

From: Glen Moore (MOOREG1 at calumet.purdue.edu)
Date: Sun Jan 19 19:55:36 EST 2003


I'm brand new to DrScheme/Scheme.  Can anyone one tell me if there are know difficulties running scheme under Linux.  I downloaded the UNIX distro, compiled it and everything seemed fine.  When I try and use (load someFile) I get the error "reference to undefined identifier: load".  I'm on expert level, since many of the examples I'm encountering are not understood by beginner.

Also, when I try and access Language-->Choose Language-->Show Details there is no profiling option.  When I try Show-->Show Profile, I get the error "There is no profiling information available. Please be sure that profiling is enabled in your language and you have run your program."  I run the program and still get the same error.

Is the UNIX release different than the Windows release?

Any help appreciated.  Thanks.


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