[plt-scheme] eval

From: Carlos Pita (cpitaar at yahoo.com.ar)
Date: Tue Jan 14 04:40:54 EST 2003


I´m using mzscheme since a few days and I´m relatively
new to scheme. Looking for a way to do some debugging
I discovered that getting a (current-environment) is
not well seen by most schemers. I don´t disagree with
performance arguments neither with stuff of the
usually-there-is-a-better-way-to-do-it kind. But it
would be really really nice to be able to (eval exp
env) an arbitrary expression exp in the current
environment env in an
interactive/interpreted/debugging context. Would this
still impose a performance penalty for compiled code
that doesn´t use it? I think it wouldn´t.

Is it very difficult to add this feature to mzscheme?
Do you think it is even desirable? Is there a better
solution? (I don´t like instrumenting alla psd and the
facilities for breakpoints and traces in slib are very
rudimentary). How is the stepper in drscheme

I haven´t looked at the mzscheme sources yet, but I
would help with this if it´s worth the effort.

Thank you,

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