[plt-scheme] DrScheme v203 - MacOS 9.2

From: Jon Philpott (jon at uv.net)
Date: Mon Jan 13 08:55:11 EST 2003

[managed to break threading with the last post - my mistake]


I recently downloaded and installed DrScheme v203 on my
Powerbook G3 with MacOS 9.2 to discover that after I had
installed it, and run setup-plt aftwards, I am unable to
save in DrScheme.

Pressing the save button in the window makes the mouse cursor
turn into a watch for a split second, and thats it. The same
happens when trying "Save interactions..." and
"Save interactions as..." from the file menu.

Any idea what is causing this? As not being able to save
is a tad inconvenient.


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