[plt-scheme] Digital camera files (plus a bug)

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu Jan 9 19:25:24 EST 2003

Anyone on this list who uses a digital camera (or just manages large
collection of EXIF-format jpg files) might find this useful: I wrote a
program that extracts EXIF information, all in Scheme.  It can be used
either as a module or as as a standalone script.  It's based on all
standard information I could put my hands on, so it is fairly
complete, the only thing that could be added is decoding brand-
specific information but this will not be a pleasant experience.

I've put the file at


if anyone wants to use this, please let me know (there's no
documentation about how this thing should be used).

Also, there is something strange that I've encountered.  I used to
open files (specified when running as a script) with a
`with-input-from-file', but for some reason this seemed to fill up the
memory.  Then I switched to openning and closing the file myself and
it worked better but still crashed.  Finally I resorted to an explicit
`collect-garbage' call and it looks like now it works fine with as
many files as I want.  In any case, it should definitely not crash
with a segmentation fault...  (I later found that this happens in an
irregular way so I can't reproduce reliably now but it does happen
after some good amount of files when I comment out the close-port and

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