[plt-scheme] NW: Development Status of SchemeDoc

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Jan 6 05:56:07 EST 2003

--- "Paulo Jorge O. C. Matos" <pocm at mega.ist.utl.pt>
> I'd like to know the current development status of
> SchemeDoc?

Progress is slow but it's getting somewhere.  I've
just checked in the latest and greatest code. 
Everything up to (but not including) the final HTML
output works (but I just broke the test suite so that
may not be evident). It uses the latest (0.7) WebIt!
framework for transformation.

> Anybody knows of any other project of the same kind?

Mole has a different focus but is in the same general

> If the project is stopped I'd like to continue it.

Extra hackers are always appreciated.  If you want to
join in, get an account at SF and we'll add you to the
project.  Right now only style/html-style.ss needs to
be fixed and then SchemeDoc should actually be useful!


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