[plt-scheme] Help Down load DR Scheme

From: William J. Dever (deverwd at localnet.com)
Date: Fri Feb 21 12:10:35 EST 2003

Hello Folks
The tech staff at CSR managed to down load DR Scheme at CSR and it
appears to work under the NT network (CSR Intranet) However I could not
do the same at home.  It either is timing out (shutsdown) or some
setting on  my CPU is not working correctly. I may take a CD from school
and load it at home.  We are going through Copyright questions also.
Can you give me the restrictions if any and How do I get copy approval
for the manuals posted on the Web??  Details I admit but they must be
answered bfore I can incorporate Introduction to Programming at CSR in
the Freshman Intro Course.

Thanks Bill Dever
518 374 8532 or email  deverw at strose.edu or deverwd at localnet.com

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