[plt-scheme] Collect macro

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Fri Feb 21 03:39:51 EST 2003


I have added a super `collect' macro to Swindle, which can be used to
implement list comprehension (done with `list-of'), and other related
functionality (`sum-of', `product-of', and `count-of').  It came out
flexible enough that I added a `loop-for' macro too, and I think it
covers almost everything you can do with CL's `loop' (but with a
better syntax and better philosophy, at least IMO).

It can iterate in parallel through different iterations which can
themselves be made of sequenced iterations, it can iterate with a
function by turning it into a co-routine, it has easy range iterations
and simple predefined iterations over all obvious Scheme types, it
does everything pretty efficiently (for example, not turning
everything to a list...), and it is easy to extend it.

The parallel looping is especially nice since an infinite iteration
can be used with a finite one, resulting in something equivalent to
using streams -- and with an issue similar to the odd/even thing.  So
with these macros you can do these things:

  (list-of x (c <- 1 .. 3 and x <- read-line))
  (list-of x (c <- 1 .. 3 and
              x <- (lambda (yield) (while #t (yield (read-line))))))

to return a list of three lines from in input, and this:

  (list-of (/ x) (c <- 1 .. 4 and x <- 4 3 ..))

returns the expected (1/4 1/3 1/2 1) without a division by zero error.

Finally, it can even collect things backward using an accumulator, or
forward with a simple recursion so it can be used to collect streams.

The full description is at


Any feedback is welcome, especially syntactic suggestions (I tried to
get something better than the CL `loop', but similar infix identifiers
seem to make the most convenient syntax).

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