[plt-scheme] Custom style ranges in text%

From: Erich Rast (erich at snafu.de)
Date: Tue Feb 18 14:10:42 EST 2003

I need to associate arbitrary data with ranges of text in a text% 
subclass, and those ranges ought to work analogous to normal text 
styles, i.e. they should allow overlapping, automatically get adjusted 
when a user edits text, etc. So they are sort of custom styles, though 
not necessarily changing visible properties of the text. (They usually 
would have a background color.) Additionally, I need to be able to get 
all custom styles associated with a certain region, get the start and 
end of a given a custom style found at a given snip position, and the 
editor ought to save and load the custom styles to/from disk.

So far, I'm unsure how to implement this, because I've still got 
troubles understanding some of the concepts in text% editors. Could 
somebody tell me which of the following approaches would work:

1. Custom Styles: Put a new named style into the editor's style list, 
use change-style to add it or a derived delta of it to a range. 
Problem: How can I find all such styles at a given position? How would 
I find the start and end of such a style from a given position within 
the range---except for looping back and forth?

2. Set-region-data/get-region-data: Set the data to a range given those 
commands. Problem: What kind of data can a default editor-data% object 
hold? I mean, it can't hold arbitrary data since it writes the data to 
a stream, but the kind of data it holds is not documented. Is it 
mandatory to derive a subclass , as well as of editor-data-class%? 
Get-region-data returns just an editor-data% object, not a list of 
them. So how can I get all the data I've stored in overlapping regions?

3. Custom solution: Write my own handling of ranges, updating 
dynamically upon edit operations. Problem: Looks too complicated and 
error-prone for me.

Any ideas?

Best regards,


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