[plt-scheme] SchemeUnit 1.3 Release

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Feb 13 09:39:23 EST 2003

SchemeUnit 1.3 Release

SchemeUnit is a unit testing framework for the PLT
dialect of Scheme, based on the XP tradition.
This new release of SchemeUnit brings it into line
with the functionality documented in the Scheme
Workshop paper "SchemeUnit and SchemeQL: Two
Little Languages".  Major new features include:

 - improved assertions capture source location and
allow optional messages

 - define-assertion macro allows user defined
assertions.  If you create some useful assertions
please email them to us.  We'd like to collect
libraries of user defined assertions.

 - graphical interface for running tests inside

 - vastly improved documentation.

SchemeUnit can be obtained from 




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