[plt-scheme] .drschemerc

From: Zbyszek Jurkiewicz (zbyszek at duch.mimuw.edu.pl)
Date: Mon Feb 10 09:06:14 EST 2003

On Tue, 4 Feb 2003, Robert Bruce Findler wrote:

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> I seem to recall someone asking why the .mredrc file isn't read when
> DrScheme starts up and/or why there isn't a .drschemerc file. I can't
> find the message in the archive, so I may be imagining things, but just
> in case, let me refer you to Matthew's message on the subject on
> comp.lang.scheme (we've come several versions since then, but the
> message still applies):
> http://groups.google.com/groups?selm=770d8f1a.0112141906.4b840f35%40posting.google.com&rnum=14
> Robby

Probably I did.  The article is interesting, but does not help.  I was
working over system to be used under bare MrEd.  Of course I wanted
to develop and test under DrScheme as a development environment.

To be sure that it works outside of DrScheme, I had to retest it
under MrEd plain.  So I hacked small function to preload .mredrc
into my working env.

The approach in the article is more elegant, but also more complex.

Anyway, thanx for interesting pointer

Zbyszek Jurkiewicz

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