[plt-scheme] M-\ multimedia format solved (once)

From: Bill Richter (richter at math.northwestern.edu)
Date: Thu Feb 6 22:49:20 EST 2003

   From: Pat Ekman <pat at ekman.cx>, responding to me

   > I inserted some lambda's into my file with M-\, but I only found
   > them all by poring over my 400 line file a # of times.

   Using File -> Save Other -> Save Definitions As Text would have
   convered all of the lambdas for you automatically.

Thanks, Pat, and it's even in the manual:

	Save Other Contains these sub-items 

           Save Definitions As Text... Like Save Definitions
           As..., but the file is saved in plain-text format (see DrScheme Files).

Your solution is especially good because my next trick failed.  You
can read the multimedia format files in Emacs, there are lots of
control characters.  So I thought I'd save a short file with a `M-\'
in it, and then I could search for `M-\' in the long file.  But `M-\'
isn't always saved the same way in Emacs's eyes.

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