[plt-scheme] inferred name of struct instances

From: Doug Orleans (dougo at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Tue Feb 4 17:15:18 EST 2003

Matthew Flatt writes:
 > Struct instances do not get inferred names.

Rats.  Although, I guess what I really want is not just to change the
inferred name, but to change the way the struct instance is printed.
Ideally it would show up as #<fish:wanda> instead of #<struct:fish> or 
#<struct:wanda>.  (I would also accept #<procedure:wanda> since these
are applicable struct instances; I was previously implementing this
with lambda and a hash table, so that's how they were printing
before.)  Is my only recourse to replace the default printer, and
store the instance name in one of the fields?

--dougo at ccs.neu.edu

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