[plt-scheme] Problem compiling with mzc...

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Fri Aug 15 09:13:14 EDT 2003

At Wed, 13 Aug 2003 11:38:50 +1000, Rian Douglas wrote:
> I'm trying to create a redistibutable package, and when compiling with 
> mzc I get the following error:
>      get-module-code: cannot use extension file; "c:\\program 
> files\\plt\\collects\\srpersist\\private/compiled\\native\\win32\\i386\\srpmain
> .dll"
> I want to create set of files which can be moved to another computer, 
> and still be run.
> Anybody have any ideas?

The stand-alone-executable builder doesn't curerently handle
C-implemented extensions. In other words, you're running into a real
deficiency of mzc. I think the executable builder needs a mode where it
produces a set of files (executable and DLLs) to address this problem.

Meanwhile, the best I can recommend is that you assemble a minimal
"collects" tree to distribute with a launcher executable.


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