[plt-scheme] Problem compiling with mzc...

From: Rian Douglas (riandouglas at hotPOP.com)
Date: Thu Aug 14 09:24:02 EDT 2003

Eli Barzilay wrote:

>On Aug 13, Rian Douglas wrote:
>>I'm trying to create a redistibutable package, and when compiling with 
>>mzc I get the following error:
>>     get-module-code: cannot use extension file; "c:\\program 
>>I want to create set of files which can be moved to another
>>computer, and still be run.  Anybody have any ideas?
>This is because you have SrPersist.  I didn't make a new plt file for
>it since it looks like there is a missing file, and I never got any
>reply from anyone who knows anything about it...
Thanks for the reply.  If the missing file you are talking about is the 
private/srpmain.ss, which is required by the srpersist.ss file,then it 
isnt actually missing.  The srpmain.dll is a compiled C extension, which 
can't actually be loaded as an extension, which is probably what my 
problem is.  I'll look into it further.

Again, thanks for the help

Rian Douglas

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