[plt-scheme] Generating HTML from s-expressions

From: Jacob Matthews (jacobm at cs.uchicago.edu)
Date: Mon Aug 11 01:00:37 EDT 2003

William Sprague wrote:

>I think this is an RTFM, but I can't find the FM, so I will ask:  how does
>one generate a string of HTML given an s-expression without doing this from
>a servlet?  I want to write it to a file rather than use the webserver...
This particular FM entry is listed as "the XML collection" and be found 
if you search for "XML" (DrScheme wants to handle HTML as XHTML, and 
won't really support writing non-well-formed-XML HTML easily). The short 

(require (lib "xml.ss" "xml"))

to make an x-expr (= an s-exp suitably restricted) into a string, call 
(xexpr->string  <the-xexpr>):

 > (xexpr->string '(html (body "hello")))

You should also consider

 > (display-xml/content (xexpr->xml '(html (body "hello"))))

[printed to the current output port rather than returned, so use 
with-output-to-file to redirect to the appropriate file]

Hope that helps.


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