[plt-scheme] A Couple of Questions on DrScheme/Mzscheme

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Mon Sep 30 11:40:57 EDT 2002

HtDP @ a Rice semester covers about 10 to 12 weeks (when I teach it). 
Here is how I spend the additional weeks:

 * on a Digital Machine (Jam 2000), and students write an assembler, a
   linker, and a loader for it. Then they hand-write code at Digit
   level, at ASM level, at quasi-C and at stylized Scheme. They

 * a juxtaposition of the Stepper model of computation and the Jam 2002
   model, called "Marx and Hegel". (All lectures have titles, and you 
   will know what this means.) The tension between the thesis and antithesis
   raises all kinds of questions and leads to a synthesis: the CS curriculum. 

 * an overview of the basic fields in CS, as suggested by the Marx-Hegel

-- Matthias

P.S. Marx-Hegel is more of a joke on the lack of knowledge on the side of 
American students than a true dialectic analysis of CS, but it is cute
how it works out. 

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