[plt-scheme] plt-deb-taskforce and a compilation problem

From: Brent Fulgham (brent.fulgham at xpsystems.com)
Date: Thu Sep 26 13:07:01 EDT 2002

> >Taking a look inside the source, I wonder if changing 
> MZC=/usr/bin/mzc
> >to MZC=$(PREFIX)/bin/mzc or similar in 
> src/srpersist/Makefile will solve it.
> >I'll give that a try, as soon as I find my clean build system.
> The srpersist Makefile in CVS says:
> MZC=../../bin/mzc

I thought the rules file I generated did something similar, where
I use relative path names to locate the mzscheme executable for
doing the "install" of srpersist, after this step (which, of course,
works fine on my machine that already has /usr/bin/mzc installed!)

I think it would be enough to modify the Makefile to say:



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