[plt-scheme] plt-deb-taskforce and a compilation problem

From: Jon K åre Hellan (hellan at acm.org)
Date: Thu Sep 26 07:25:02 EDT 2002

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>As I've been threatening to for far too long, I've thrown a web page up at
>http://mjr.towers.org.uk/plt-deb-taskforce.html and started work.  I'm
>probably going to be asking more questions of the list.  Sorry.
>My first question is what to do about the build problem in bug
>http://bugs.debian.org/161985 -- I suspect the suggested solution isn't
>going to work, as mzc is in mzscheme which is built from the drscheme source
>package, so how can we use it to build?  Obvious options are:
> 1. Hack the makefile to use gcc if possible (should just be one sub? anyone
>know the right gcc options?);
> 2. PLT change the makefile to use gcc if possible;
> 3. Give up on building srpersist... who wants ODBC anyway? (joke!)

Build srpersist after the rest of plt - including mzc  - has been built.


Jon Kåre

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