[plt-scheme] help-desk search

From: Paul Steckler (steck at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Thu Sep 19 18:01:40 EDT 2002

>   If I'm not mistaken, it used to be the case that search would search
> the
> indexes of all documentation, including those not installed. Following
> a
> link in the search results would either give me the documentation or a
> download page. In the new help-desk, words existing in documentation I
> have
> not downloaded is simply not found. Is it possible in the new help-
> desk
> to search the uninstalled documentation?

There's been no change, as far as I know.

Indexes for some uninstalled manuals are distributed with DrScheme --
see http://download.plt-scheme.org/doc/ to find out which these are.

If you're running from CVS code, you won't have those indexes, so you
won't get hits on search terms in those indexes.

-- Paul

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