[plt-scheme] Error in PLT Scheme 202

From: Jeff Stephens (jsteve17 at tampabay.rr.com)
Date: Tue Sep 17 13:24:45 EDT 2002

  I just completed download and install of PLT Scheme 202 on my Windows 98
machine.  I performed the installation including creation of .zo files.  No errors
were reported during the installation; however, when I try to activate DrScheme
I get the following pop-up box error:

    The OPENGL32.DLL file is
    linked to missing export GDI32.DLL:GdiSwapBuffers.

I did a search of my C: drive and found the following:

    I have the OPENGL32.DLL file in the following locations:

            C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM  - size=699,664 bytes, ver=4.00
            C:\Program Files\Maple 7\BIN.WNT - size=733,296 byes, ver=4.00

    I have the GDI32.DLL file in the following location:

            C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM - size=155,648 bytes, ver=4.10.1998

I had PLT Scheme version 103p1 installed, and it was working fine.  I did completely
remove it before installing the 202 version.  I discovered the problem initially when I
installed the recently released (and posted to this list) "Catalogs" program, and after
installing it (again with no install errors reported) tried to activate it and got precisely
the same error reported above.  I deduced from this that I probably needed to update
my version of PLT Scheme to get "Catalogs" to work and of course got the error
I have described.

Since I have a large number of other applications running fine on my Windows 98
installation, I suspect this is an error in DrScheme; however, I have seen nothing
so far in this list of anyone else having problems with the version 202 install.

Can anyone help me out.  Thanks very much.

Jeff Stephens
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