[plt-scheme] Catalogs 0.7

From: Martial Tarizzo (tarizzo at ese-metz.fr)
Date: Tue Sep 17 08:36:24 EDT 2002

I'm pleased to announce the first release of Catalogs, a little DrScheme

* Release 0.7 is available at :

The source code is provided, with a binary distribution for Windows.

* What is Catalogs ?
The goal of this program is to catalog any disk, drive, CD-ROM's ...,
storing directory/files structure in textfiles databases which can be
searched for files and folders without inserting/connecting the media.

Developed as an exercice to see how it is possible to build a useful
application under Microsoft Windows with DrScheme, it should work under
Linux and MacOS ... (not really tested ... there must be problems I am
not aware of !)

Bug reports, comments, doc typos, and contributions are very welcome :
drop me a mail at tarizzo at ese-metz.fr

Have fun,

Martial Tarizzo

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