[plt-scheme] module import for ssax

From: Gunnar J. Arnason (gunnarja at strik.is)
Date: Mon Sep 16 06:24:34 EDT 2002

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From: Kirill Lisovsky [mailto:lisovsky at acm.org]
Sent: 15. september 2002 06:58
To: Gunnar J. Arnason
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Subject: Re: [plt-scheme] module import for ssax

>> Found out I needed some files such as "SXML-tree-trans.scm",
>> but can't 'require' them because they are not modules.
>I believe that the simplest solution is 'load/use-compiled'.

Thanks Kirill, tried that out, but I am still having trouble with the
dependencies. As it turned out I needed the file SXML-to-HTML-ext.scm. Tried
loading it directly and wrapping it as a module and loading the other files
it requires, SXML-to-HTML and SXML-tree-trans, but without success.
I only got as far as this error message:

expand: unbound variable in module in: os:string->time
(tstamp (OS:string->time "%Y%m%d" date-revised)))

Can't find OS:string->time in the files or Plt docs.

>BTW: there is a SSAX/SXML-dedicated maillist at ssax.sf.net
Yes, at this stage it is probably best to take my queries to the SSAX
mailing list.

best regards, Gunnar

Gunnar Arnason
gunnarja at strik.is

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