[plt-scheme] 202.2

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sat Sep 14 18:32:39 EDT 2002

On Sep 12, Noel Welsh wrote:
> Reminds me of overriding the "message not understood"
> thing in Smalltalk.

Yeah, but I thought about what Paul said -- something like what I
suggested basically takes you back to the non-module world where you
can't use global functionss reliably since users can change them.  The
toy implementation that I did doesn't suffer from that since you can
always just use MzScheme's built in `#%app'.

> Instead of all these special purpose hacks it would be cleaner to
> just go the whole hog and implement some multiple dispatch system
> for DrScheme ala CLOS.  Hold on, you already have! ;-)

Yeah -- there was even always a way to make arbitrary instances
applicable (since methods and generics are themselves instances) --
much like the 202.2 change.  However, like CLOS, it is an add-on
system which means that primitive values are not instances so you
still cannot apply them.

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