[plt-scheme] Problems with OSX version in Jaguar?

From: Don Blaheta (dpb at cs.brown.edu)
Date: Sat Sep 14 01:29:08 EDT 2002

Quoth Jim Witte:
>   Has anyone else had problems with the PLT version for MacOSX using 
> Jaguar (10.2)?  I installed it, ran the setup program to create the 
> .zos and compile the applications, but only MrEd will run.  If I try to 
> run DrScheme, web-server, Help Desk, or Games, it comes up with a 
> "Standard Output" window saying:

I installed DrScheme 200 back when I was still running 10.1.5, and it
continues to work just fine under 10.2.

>   For now I'm using the Classic version, but I miss the scroll wheel..  
> I don't think I've tried logging out and in again, if that makes a 
> difference for the framworks being loaded.

I would definitely try at least that, if not actually rebooting; if that
doesn't work, I'll try installing 202 (I mean to do that eventually
anyway) to see if that causes any problems.

>   Also, is there some way to get it to put the framworks is 
> ~/Frameworks (your personal director) instead of the global /Frameworks 
> directory?  This would make backup easier - you only have to backup or 
> look through your own directory, and can forget about the rest of the 
> system dirs.

It may or not be possible to do what you suggest, but I would still
recommend keeping a list of things not in your home directory that you
want to back up; it strikes me as inevitable that there will be such
things, no matter how configurable everything you install turns out to

If nothing else, you might try putthing them there yourself, and then
either creating a symlink (alias) from /Frameworks to ~/Frameworks, or
creating symlinks for the individual files.

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