[plt-scheme] module import for ssax

From: Gunnar J. Arnason (gunnarja at strik.is)
Date: Fri Sep 13 16:56:15 EDT 2002

This is my first post to the plt-scheme mailing list and I hope I'm not in
the wrong spot for this kind of newbie question. But since I am working with
DrScheme and the question seems to be implementation dependent I thought
this would be the right forum.
I posted earlier to c.l.s. about transforming metadata into a Scheme
representation and got a couple of suggestions to try out SSAX. Fine,
downloaded it and installed it. Tried it out by parsing some xml files and
it worked as expected.
Now I wanted to try out some transformations of sxml, and here is where I
got into trouble.
Looked at one of the example files I found on Oleg Kiselyov's web site and
simplified it a bit and tried it out, ending with

(define (generate-HTML Content)
   (pre-post-order Content
                   (generic-web-rules Content '()))))

which resulted in:
reference to undefined identifier: SRV:send-reply

Found out I needed some files such as "SXML-tree-trans.scm",
but can't 'require' them because they are not modules.
Found some docs about modules (the documentation is excellent by the way)
and tried fiddling around with them to see if I can't get them to 'provide'
SRV:send-reply. Then it dawned on me that I am completely out of my depth.
Is there someone on the list familiar with SSAX who would be willing to take
the time to enlighten a hopeless newbie.
What do I need to import and how?

Gunnar Arnason
gunnarja at strik.is

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