[plt-scheme] why no display in DrScheme beginning student level?

From: Jamie L. Raymond (raymond at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Wed Sep 11 21:09:43 EDT 2002

Sharon M. Tuttle wrote:
> Anyway, my students and I are noticing that, once you have a few
> functions and tests in a file, it gets difficult to keep track of
> which tests are which. I would like to use something like a c shell
> "echo" command to just insert little comments before tests. I cannot
> see how to do so in the "Beginning Student" level of DrScheme, however.

What about just using strings? They'll get printed on separate lines in 
the output.

For example

#| Tests |#

"Test 1"
(f 3)

"Test 2"
(g 4)

You might find the plt-edu list a more appropriate to ask questions 
regarding HtDP.

Jamie Raymond

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