[plt-scheme] Creating Executable

From: Paulo J. Matos (pocm at mega.ist.utl.pt)
Date: Sat Sep 7 16:06:55 EDT 2002

> > Oh, thanks alot.
> > =)
> > I imagine that if I create a stand-alone executable is just about
> > the same thing. :) right?
> Yep!

I'm trying to create a stand-alone executable with mzc. I read in
help desk:
The command-line flag --exe directs mzc to embed a module (from
source or byte code) into a copy of the MzScheme executable.
So I try:
pdestroy at localhost:/usr/local/plt/bin$ mzc --exe ~/projects/moneyserv/accman.scm
MzScheme compiler (mzc) version 202, Copyright (c) 1996-2002 PLT
mzc: expects <file/directory/collection> [<file/directory/sub-collection>] ... on the command line, given 0 arguments

What's the problem?

Best regards,


> Whatever happens when you press execute (and nothing else!) is what you
> get when you run an executable.
> You can use things like `read' or the teachpacks for getting input from
> the user, if you'd like.
> Robby

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