[plt-scheme] Compiling SrPersist in plt-201

From: Paul Steckler (steck at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Wed Sep 4 08:37:27 EDT 2002

Richard Michael wrote:
> I'm trying to compile srpersist (either 201 or 202) against plt-201, and
> it can't find libmzgc .. (-l mzgc).  Does anyone know where I can find
> it?  That library (or object?) doesn't seem to be in my plt-201 package.

Because you're building from sources, you'll need to build that library.
I assume you're on a Unix or Linux -- download the Unix sources
and run 


in your plt tree.  That will build all libraries, as well as 
MzScheme and MrEd.  SrPersist should compile then.

> #if (ODBCVER >= 0x0300)
> #include <sqlucode.h>
> #endif
> I'm using iODBC and that header isn't included (it's from unixODBC).
> This makes SrPersist non portable for ODBC vers > 3.  Does anyone know
> why SrPersist is written this way?

It's because the Microsoft Data Access Components headers have 
that include file.  For better or worse, ODBC is an MS standard.

That file contains Unicode definitions of ODBC procedures, as well as  

  #define SQL_WCHAR         (-8)
  #define SQL_WVARCHAR      (-9)
  #define SQL_WLONGVARCHAR  (-10)

Try commenting out the include.  You might need the definitions 
above, in which case insert them somewhere suitable, such as 

-- Paul

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