[plt-scheme] mac os comments

From: Nicolas Chevallier (nicolas-chevallier at wanadoo.fr)
Date: Tue Sep 3 08:19:09 EDT 2002

I want to say " how i can access the comments with drscheme (procedure)?"

For windows i know there is no official place to add comments. I search a
way to add this feature and to add resources support on win.
the main problem is to make a cross platform sharing server (with others
it's actually almost finished: you can upload a file with resources on a
windows server (with a mac client) and then download this file without
getting a corrupt file
I just save the resources in a hidden file.
But if you move this file with the windows explorer instead of the client,
the resources don't move and the file is broken.
(just an example to explain)

It's the same problem with the comments
there are saved in a the same file (with resources)
Comments are good way to have a short description of the file and put
additional informations (like date of upload, who upload the file...)
(I don't want to make a database to store additional informations)

Anyone have some ideas?

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