[plt-scheme] handling user-breaks in MrEd app...

From: Michael J. Fromberger (sting at linguist.Thayer.dartmouth.edu)
Date: Thu Oct 31 13:06:45 EST 2002

quoth Brent Fulgham:
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> > Being the masochist that I am, let me ask: why aren't you using
> > DrScheme?
> One reason I don't use DrScheme more is that I really like having
> syntax highlighting a la Emacs font-lock, or even VIM.  Is there a
> way to have active fontification in DrScheme?  If so, I would
> probably use it quite a bit more considering its other fine
> features.

It seems to me like a good way to solve the hilighting issues people
have put forth recently, would be to set up DrScheme so it can call an
external editor.  Then, the folks who like the emacs online syntax
colouring can have it, and no need to break up DrScheme's very nice
offline version.

(This may already exist, for all I know -- I haven't looked into using
an external editor with DrScheme personally).


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