[plt-scheme] handling user-breaks in MrEd app...

From: Jefferson Provost (jp at cs.utexas.edu)
Date: Thu Oct 31 00:54:21 EST 2002

Robert Bruce Findler wrote:
> To answer your technical question, the exception handler isn't being
> set on the right thread (they don't move over automatically). You want
> this:
>   (thread (lambda ()
>             (with-handlers ...
>               (read-eval-print-loop))))

I think it's on the right thread.  The errors I'm concerned about are 
generated from my graphical objects, not the REPL.  (Actually, I'm 
concerned about errors from both, but the disappearing errors are 
generated from the graphical objects

> As I wrote before, to do this properly you really want to do what
> DrScheme does (the break button (also kills if necessary), source
> location error highlighting, stack traces, profiling support, the
> module language, bound variable renaming (aka "alpha renaming") ... the
> list goes on). 
> Being the masochist that I am, let me ask: why aren't you using
> DrScheme?

This app is a stand-alone app, generated with 
(make-embedding-executable).  There isn't an option to embed DrScheme. 
;-)  (is there?)

Sorry guys, I rarely run drscheme, except for very small programs, or to 
use the help desk.   I much prefer emacs with an inferior scheme buffer. 
  You know how idiosynchratic people can be about their work 
environments.   This mostly goes to how I like to work, but if I had to 
pick my top pet peeves about developing in DrScheme they'd be:

- I don't want to have to press "check syntax" to get syntax coloring. 
I want it "always on".

- I don't want to lose my interaction history when I press "execute". 
In fact, I want to be able to interactively edit evaluate single 
definitions, without always clearing the entire program state and 
starting from scratch.

- The editor can't keep up with my key-repeat when I hold down the 
backspace key, and I end up over-deleting all the time (1.2GHz Athlon 
running Debian linux).


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