[plt-scheme] MIT Scheme+ doesn't work with Dr Scheme

From: Derek Rayside (drayside at mit.edu)
Date: Fri Oct 18 02:49:36 EDT 2002


I'm currently a student in MIT 6.821, which is a graduate course on 
programming languages.  We do our practical exercises with "Scheme+", 
which is basically some syntactic sugars for pattern matching.  The
Scheme source code for Scheme+ is available from:


I've been somewhat underwhelmed by the tool support in MIT Scheme, so I
thought I'd take a look at Dr Scheme.  Unfortunately for me, Dr Scheme
seems to choke on the source code for Scheme+.  When I try to execute
scheme+.scm in Dr Scheme, it dies on the first line:

	(declare (usual-integrations))
	"reference to undefined identifier: declare"

The Dr Scheme syntax check makes it to the eighth line of code:

	(macro (pattern . body)
	application: bad syntax (illegal use of `.') in: (pattern . body)

Dr Scheme looks like it would be very helpful to me, and I'd really like 
to try it out.  Any help on getting "scheme+.scm" to work would be greatly 
appreciated, as I need to run this file to do my problem sets.


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