[plt-scheme] Strange Error: TCP port becomes "full"

From: sylvain.beucler.fac at libertysurf.fr (sylvain.beucler.fac at libertysurf.fr)
Date: Thu Oct 10 04:01:29 EDT 2002

I attached the FTP downloader code.
The downloading part is in the 'grab procedure of the (make-connection)
object creator.
I tried again this morning, and it could download up to 15MB before the
error. It seems it is very random, unfortunately, unlike with the other code.

I just read the messages in the mailing-list archive, but it seems the
download was simply stopped as if the server sent <EOF>. Here, the
application is entirely stopped, and I get "tcp-read: error reading
(Resource temporarily unavailable; errno=11)".

I do not have the code to grab HTTP pages from text URL list right
here, but I can send it tonight if needed.

Sylvain Beucler

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