[plt-scheme] Fwd: [Contrib-Rpm] drscheme-202-1mdk

From: Guillaume Rousse (rousse at ccr.jussieu.fr)
Date: Mon Oct 7 15:02:14 EDT 2002

Le Lundi 7 Octobre 2002 17:34, John Clements a écrit :
> > On Oct  6, Guillaume Rousse wrote:
> >>> Wouldn't it be better to have the links in system directories
> >>> pointing
> >>> to real files in the PLT directory?  PLT have their own mechanism for
> >>> upgrading stuff, which means that if such a tool is ever used to
> >>> update on of these files (which didn't happen so far IIRC), it will
> >>> replace the link with a real file and the file in the system
> >>> directory
> >>> will still be the old one.
> >>
> >> Mixing rpm-based installation and manual installation/upgrade
> >> procedure is a
> >> bad idea IMHO. Once you use a rpm, upgrade the rpm otherwise you will
> >> short-circuit rpm database.
> >
> > I agree that it is a bad idea, but by I don't think there's any to
> > confuse people who do try it.
> Paul Steckler suggested to me that perhaps the rpm should be a
> source-only
> distribution, and Paul Graunke concurred (as I recall).  Of course,
> this leaves
> the rpm user with the responsibility to manually compile and install
> DrScheme
> itself, but it does seem to separate the action of the rpm mechanism and
> DrScheme's installation/update mechanisms in a nice way.
Then either call it plt-src, meaning the user has to build something to make 
it work, or better just distribute a src.rpm.
Anyway, i don't see the point, as .zo file can be generated on the build host 
without trouble.
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