[plt-scheme] Fwd: [Contrib-Rpm] drscheme-202-1mdk

From: Guillaume Rousse (rousse at ccr.jussieu.fr)
Date: Sat Oct 5 19:13:09 EDT 2002


I've juste introduced drscheme in Mandrake Linux contributions. As src rpm 
found on your website was..., hum, ugly, i had to rewrite it from scratch.  
I'd bet the author (i'm CCing him this mail, just in case he would not be 
subscribed to the list) should learn to use rpm better instead of using 
ironics comments about insecure langages in spec file :-)

Final result is available on every mdk mirrors worldwide, and spec file from 
mandrake CVS here 
http://cvs.mandrakesoft.com/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/contrib-SPECS/drscheme, if 
your'e interested.

Anyway, i have several questions, as i'm totally new to drscheme and to scheme 
in general. Please correct my assumption if they are wrong.

First, i've attempted to achieve FHS compliance by keeping only collects and 
teachpack dirs in $PLT_HOME. binaries, includes, libraries and man pages, are 
in their standard system directories. I just kept a bin symlink in $PLT_HOME 
pointing to /usr/bin, as i think binaries call each others by refering to 
$PLT_HOME/bin as path.

Second, i've setup $PLT_HOME as /usr/lib/drscheme (maybe i should have used 
/usr/lib/plt instead ?). I was not sure generated .zo file are platform 
independant, otherwise /usr/share/drscheme (or plt) would be more adequate.

Third, i segregated statics libs and headers in a -devel package, as they are 
not useful unless you want to develop for drscheme. However, i saw there are 
other headers left in main package, as $PLT_HOME/collects/compiler/mzclink.h, 
and c exemple files, as whole $PLT_HOME/collects/mzscheme/examples directory.
Can i also safely transfer those files in -devel package ?

Fourth, all directories generated by .zo file compilation have sticky bit set. 
Is it a purpose ? I left it, as i wasn't sure, but it is definitely not a 
standard practice.

Fifth, i have several zero-lenght files, as $PLT_HOME/collects/launcher/sh, or 
$PLT_HOME/collects/doc/drscheme/keywords.scm. Can i safely remove them ?

Thanks for your help.

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Subject: [Contrib-Rpm] drscheme-202-1mdk
Date: Sun,  6 Oct 2002 00:00:48 +0200 (CEST)
From: Guillaume Rousse <devel at mandrakesoft.com>
To: Changelog List <changelog at linux-mandrake.com>


Name        : drscheme                     Relocations: (not relocateable)
Version     : 202                               Vendor: MandrakeSoft
Release     : 1mdk                          Build Date: Sat Oct  5 23:43:58
 2002 Install date: (not installed)               Build Host:
 klama.mandrake.org Group       : Development/Languages         Source RPM:
Size        : 5019551                          License: PLT
Packager    : Guillaume Rousse <g.rousse at linux-mandrake.com>
URL         : http://www.drscheme.org
Summary     : PLT DrScheme
Description :
DrScheme, a pedagogical programming environment.


* Sun Oct 06 2002 Guillaume Rousse <g.rousse at linux-mandrake.com> 202-1mdk

- first mdk release



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