[plt-scheme] A Couple of Questions on DrScheme/Mzscheme

From: MJ Ray (markj at cloaked.freeserve.co.uk)
Date: Tue Oct 1 09:41:04 EDT 2002

Matthias Felleisen <matthias at ccs.neu.edu> wrote:
> HtDP is pedantic in the first part, because it is intended for high school
> students. It is a compromise. At a university with students like Rice, I 

You have other universities without students?  ;-)

> cover the first part in three (3) lectures and the second part in the next
> two (2). I promise that the students aren't bored :-) 

I've recently been told that some of my classes are going too fast and
making the students do too much work.  I think I've just got them to a point
where they are having to actually *think* during the classes, rather than
just sitting there watching.  I guess we'll see what the results do...
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