[plt-scheme] blind user of scheme

From: David Engebretson (davide at hoh.etec.wwu.edu)
Date: Wed Nov 27 13:51:48 EST 2002

Wow! Thanks!
That was very quick.
Are the changes to the code somewhere that I could look at them, or could
someone describe how they changed it?
What development environment are you using to code Dr. Scheme?
Thanks again,

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> At Tue, 26 Nov 2002 16:29:27 -0800, "David Engebretson" wrote:
> > A good example is the "change language" command" (control+l) If you
> > choose it you can easily select the language with the up and down
> > arrows, but if you tab ( a normal method to switch between controls
> > in a dialog) you do not move out of the list view to the buttons as I
> > would expect a windows GUI to allow you to do.
> Matthew Flatt has just added something to DrScheme so that that control
> (and others like it) allow you to exit it with the tab key.
> The version of DrScheme with this change is available through our
> anonymous CVS server: http://www.plt-scheme.org/anoncvs/
> Do let us know of other kinds of things like this that we can do to
> help.
> Robby

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