[plt-scheme] blind user of scheme

From: David Engebretson (davide at hoh.etec.wwu.edu)
Date: Tue Nov 26 19:29:27 EST 2002

Well, I'm not a linux user so i know nothing about emacspeak.
I would like to set up a machine to do it though.  I've heard it is very
Too bad there isn't a windows version of emacspeak.
If you want to try out the program I use to access the GUI in windows try
downloading the free trial at:
If you run it you will see/hear why I am having difficulties with it.
I think that the GUI design of Dr. Scheme is just a little different than
JAWS expects.
JAWS has a scripting language that can be used to  create equal access to
the program, but a few changes in the structure of the interface might prove
more prudent.
A good example is the "change language" command" (control+l)
If you choose it you can easily select the language with the up and down
arrows, but if you tab ( a normal method to switch between controls in a
dialog) you do not move out of the list view to the buttons as I would
expect a windows GUI to allow you to do.
I know there are buttons there because I can, with a thing called the "JAWS
cursor", see the buttons.  The JAWS cursor is a mode that JAWS goes into
where it reads any control under the mouse pointer.  You can get into JAWS
cursor with a press of the numpad minus key with numlock off.
Let me know what you think.
Thanks for your time and help

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> I'm curious to hear suggestions on how DrScheme can be made more
> accessible to the blind.
> I'm also curious how much success blind users have had doing Scheme
> programming with Emacspeak.  I may be able to add affordances for
> Emacspeak or other alternate modalities into the Emacs Scheme support.

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